The CAB, 2016 was introduce during the MUA Govt, why they remain silence:Thrangki

Shillong, Jan 14: The President of the National People Youth front (NPYF) Mr Thrangki Pohshna, while countering to the statement made by the Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) Mr Richard Marak blaming the Chief Minister as spineless.

Mr Pohshna said that, the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 was introduce in parliament while the Meghalaya United Alliance (MUA) government was in the state led by the Congress, why they are keeping quite on the issued.

It is the present MDA Government, led by the NPP; the Chief Minister Mr Conrad has taken the decision in the cabinet to oppose the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016. The NPYF question the MUA government why they chose to remain silence at that point of time.

The NPYF president also pointed out that if anyone is spineless, it is the congress party itself as an entity, removed the Gandhi Family and the party will crumble like a pack of card, he Mr Pohshna said that if any of the congress party dare to dream of becoming AICC president.




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