The Govt of India must withdraw its stand to pass the Amendment Citizenship Bill 2016: YACPIP

Shillong, Jan 07: The Youth’s Action Committee for Protections of Indigenous Peoples (YACPIP) deeply shocked with the irresponsible statement of  the prime minister Mr  Narendra Modi on 4th Jan, 2019 mentioning that the government will move ahead with Amendment of the Citizenship Bill 2016 by passing in the parliament as mentioned during a poll rally in Assam’s Silchar on his campaign for 2019 general election beside many protest have been carried out by various CSOs, NGOs, students’ unions etc across the North East Region against the CAB, 2016.

YACPIP, would like to share our deep concern over the serious threats imposed upon the indigenous people of North East by the Prime Minster of India who never have the ground experience and stationed in New Delhi. We strongly opposed steps for the amendment of the citizenship bill 2016 which is set to be passed in the parliament. This bill will not be benefiting to any of the indigenous people of The North East rather it will severely affect to the cultural, social, linguistics, identity, demography of the North East People.

The YACPIP, question is why these huge number of population is not absorb in the main land India? if Mr. PM believed on Ma Bhariti than why only to indigenous people land and why to North east region? If this is all about concerning the humanity then why the Govt of India refused to absorb Muslim Rohinga who were made stateless by the Myanmar Army which is against the International Law.

In the press statement Mr Laishram Gulshan president of YACPIP  said that they again would like to state that the Government of India must withdraw its stand to pass the Amendment Citizenship Bill 2016 before the people of North East took an alternative step for restoring the Pre-Merger Status.



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