The HYC threaten series of agitation if state Govt dose not implement ILP to tackle influx

The HYC rally demanding for the implementation ILP in the state.Shillong, July 17: The Hyniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) today hold the rally from Dinam hall passing through the main road of Shillong city and culminated at State Central Library where they held their sit in demonstration, demanding from the state government to implement the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the state to protect the influx.

In this rally hundreds of its members take parts under tight security so that no untoward incidents will happen. Speaking on this rally the general secretary Mr. Robert. J. Kharjarin said that the union clearly fights for the protection and promotion of the indigenous tribals as a whole as we are facing high increase of influx due to lack of mechanism in tackling free flow of immigrants.

The Genenral Secretary of the HYC Mr Robert said that “We are gathering here to remember our late king U Tirot Sing who bravely fought the British Empire who tried to crush the unique identity of the Khasi. At the present the enemy might be different by we still have many challenges like the influx of immigrants who are a threat to our unique identity and culture. We are also fighting against corruption which has become a deadly poison to the growth and development of our state. We are fighting against government who does not pay any heed in our demands regarding the mechanism of tackling influx”.

From the beginning they are against the mining of uranium and now they are against railway prior to the ILP. Mr Robert claims that “If ILP is not implemented and railway is introduced then we will be minority in our own state, by minority we don’t mean only population alone but politically, economically and socially also. Since railways are the cheapest of transportation is like we are inviting immigrants to come to our state, hence ILP is a must before implementation of railway. We have invited the government for a talk at dorbar hall on 22nd July if the government fail to show up then we will launched another agitation with non-cooperation against the state government”.

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