The MLCU organised an awareness programme on the importance of a child in a parent’s

Shillong November 08: With the objective to create a conscious awareness among parents on the importance of a child in a parent’s life and the need to understand their child’s psychosocial development, the Department of English and Communication through its students of the 5th Semester Bachelor of Psychology, Department of Counselling Psychology, Martin Luther Christian University today organised an awareness programme entitled“Strengthening bonds through awareness”, with the parents of slum dwellers that have been recognised by the Reach Shillong Ministry.

The awareness programme was organised in collaboration with the Reach Shillong Ministry in the premises of the Sadhu Sundar Singh Church, Motphran and was attended mostly by the mothers.

The students gave presentations higlighting the importance of  the child  and spoke at length about the parent-child relationship while  also equipping the parents with the knowledge of a child’s upbringing and personal safety.

A series of role plays were also presented to provide knowledge on the psychosocial stages of a child by Erik Erikson, to educate the parents on how to deal with the different personality types of their child so as to allow the child to grow with a well balanced understanding of life.

During the interactive session with one of the counsellors of the University, Mrs L Paswett, the mothers said that they would try to emulate all the things that they learnt today in the programme.


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