The MPHRC appreciate the steps taken by GoI to withdraw the draft of the IF Act 1927

Shillong, Dec 08: The Meghalaya Peoples’ Human Rights Council (MPHRC) had lauded the steps taken by the Union Government to withdraw the officers’ draft of the Indian Forest Act (IFA), 1927 amendment, which was initiated by the  Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) . This announcement was made by the Environment and Forests Minister Prakash Javadekar.

“We hail this decision and it’s a victory to the indigenous peoples movement in the country and for this victory we will continue to keep up our collective strength, spirit and energy to ensure that the human rights of the indigenous peoples are respected” said Dino. D.G. Dympep, Chairman MPHRC.

It may be mentioned here that the Inspector General of Forests (Forest Policy) Noyal Thomas had sent a letter to all states on March 7 this year, seeking their comments on the first draft of the comprehensive amendments to the IFA. Each state had to conduct consultations with all its stakeholders, including non-profits and civil society organisations, and send the compiled feedback to MoEF&CC by June 7. While the Meghalaya Government had begin its consultation on July 15.

“While making our submission to the union Government on 16th  August 2019, “we have clearly stated has stated that the regressive draft amendment will not only create a catastrophe for the tribals and other traditional forest dwellers; but also for the development of the nation as well as the adverse negative impacts on climate for which the Meghalaya Government should also raise its strong opposition” added MPHRC.

“The IFA draft amendments are like a whimsical ride of a colonial forester that sought to play down with many extremely repressive measures which is incongruous and if adopted, would result in further violation to the human rights of tribal communities and their future generations” conclude MPHRC. Said Mr Dino D.G Dympep Chairman MPHRC.

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