The NGEA of the GHADC submit memo to CEM demanding their salary due for 11 Months

The GHADC Employees submit memo to CEMShillong, August 06: The Non-Gazetted Employees Association Of the  Garo Hills Autonomous District Council submitted their memorandum to the Chief Executive Member Mr Bostone R Markak to air their grievances of the employees of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council for not getting their salary for eleventh month, in the memorandum they urged the executive committee to pay their salary within the month of August 2017.

The Association pointed out in the memorandum that, nonpayment of the salary by the GHADC to its employees is from the month of September 2016 till date, since the staff of the District council is not getting their salary for eleventh month they were succumbed  many hardship in maintaining  their families, in sending their children’s to school, colleges and thus who are perusing their studies outside the state and even to meet their daily expenses in their families and this has affected their working condition.

The Garo Hills Autonomous District Council, Autonomous District Council Non-Gazetted Employees Association reminded the CEM of the GHADC that in the ruling from the Meghalaya High Court date 14th September 2016 in its order No.19/2016 directed the employer authority to pay to the employees in two month’s salary in   one go every month with effect until all the areas of salaries are paid to staff as per the former executive meeting’s resolution which was held on 12th September 2016.

The  Association in the memorandum mention that despite the High Court’s order and decision taken by the executive committee of the GHADC, the salary of the employees have not been paid till date. In the memorandum the association mentions that from the daily revenue collection of the GHADC is enough to pay the salary of the employees.

The Employees of the GHADC in the memorandum pointed out that they sad to see that, despite of huge collection, they were denied of the right to get their salary, the association urged the CEM of the GHADC to stop withdrawal of fund for other payment expect for the basic requirement to run the office so that their salary could be paid.The Association urged the CEM to pay their salary for the month of August. They urged the CEM to take serious note on this regard for the interest of the employees of the GHADC.

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