Ar sngi phah khang ka DC ia ki dukan ha Mawbah, Jhalupara, Nongmynsong bad polo

Shillong, Jymmang 10: Ka Deputy Commissioner ka East Khasi Hills kala ong ba la ioh ia ka jingujor na ki  ‘Incident Commanders’ ba ki dukan ha Mawbah, Jhalupara, Nongmensong bad Polo kim shym but ryntih ia ki kyndon bala buh da [...]

All shops in Mawbah, Jhalupara, Nongmynsong and Polo market area shall remain closed 2 days

Shillong, May 10: Whereas, reports have been received from the Incident Commanders that market areas of Mawbah, Jhalupara, Nongmensong and Polo are not following the protocols, despite regulation on opening of shops, and strict instructions [...]

HYC asked Dy Chief Minister to set up health care infrastructures in rural areas to fight COVID-19

Shillong, May 10: The General Secretary of the HYC Mr. Roy Kupar Synrem sent letter to the Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Prestone Tynsong asking the Government to set up health care infrastructure in rural  areas to fight COVID-19. In the letter [...]

The CMD of MeECL announced load shedding is withdrawn with immediate effect

Shillong, May 10: The MeECL had withdrawn the load shedding from 1st of May 2021 unofficially. However there were some teething problems which needed sorting out. Despite pre-monsoon showers, our internal power generation has reached only 60MW [...]

The NESFAS and partners plan for community resilience during COVID-19

Shillong, May 9: NESFAS organized an online webinar on the strategic plan to address the concern for the communities’ resilience in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic in consultation with medical experts, representatives from communities, and [...]

Thoh u CEM ka KHADC sha u myntri ka koit ka khiah, buh jaka sumar COVID-19 ha Ichamati-Sohra

Shillong, Jymmang 10: Mynts ka sngi u Chief Executive Member jong ka KHADC u bah Titosstarwell Chyne, u bah Balajied Synrem MLA bad u bah Teinwell Dkhar kiba dei na ka party UDP kila phah da ka shithi sha u myntri ka tnad ka koit ka khiah u [...]

Mynta ka sngi kiba khlad na ka jingpang COVID-19 positive 5 ngut, kiba la ioh jingkoit 241 ngut

Shillong, Jymmang 10: U Director ka tnad ka koit ka khiah u la pyntip ba baroh kiba la test COVID-19 positive ki long 409 ngut bad kiba dang shitom haduh mynts ki long 3062 ngut, na kine ha East Khasi Hills 1749 ngut. Kiba la test COVID-19 positive [...]

The N. F. Railway placed 20 Covid Care Coaches at Dibrugarh for corona patients 

Maligaonn, May 10: In the relentless fight against Covid19, Railway officials and teams continue their momentum to reach-out to State Health Authorities and Administrations through timely and co-ordinated action. Through focused monitoring and [...]

Iaki dawai COVID-19 la thied da ka sorkar pdeng bad la ai ei sha ki sorkar jylla bad UTs

New Delhi, Jymmang 10: Ha kaba iadei bad ka khubor kaba la mih ha ‘The Print’ hapoh ka kyrteng “The reality of Modi Government’s vaccine funding: Rs. 35,000 crore for States, zero for Centre.” Ka long kaba bakla ban ong ba ym don ka [...]

The Government of India has expeditiously delivered Global Aid to States and UTs

New Delhi, May 10: Government of India has been receiving international donations and aid of COVID-19 relief medical supplies and equipment since 27 April 2021 from different countries and organisations to augment its efforts in fighting the [...]
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