The ECI decides to defer bye-elections to 13-Mawryngkneng and 47-Rajabala AC

New Delhi, May 5: The Election Commission of India decides to defer bye-elections of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies in various States and UT in view of Pandemic-– Regarding. There are notified three vacancies in Parliamentary Constituencies [...]

Mynta ka sngi kiba khlad na ka jingpang COVID-19 ki long 6, kiew ka jingiap sha ka 191 ngut

Shillong, Jymmang 5: U Director ka tnad ka koit ka khiah u Dr Aman War u la pyntip ba mynta ka sngi la test COVID-19 positive ki long 269 ngut bad kiba shitom ha ka jylla baroh ki long 2135 ngut. Ka jingtest COVID-19 positive katkum ki District [...]

Puk tur ki paidbah sha Iewduh ban thied marbam ba pynbna ban khangdam 5 sngi

Shillong, jymmang 5: ka jingpynbna ban don da ka khangdam ba San sngi ha East Khadi Hills District kala pynlong ia ki briew ban mih ban leit thied marbam sha Iewduh bad kane kala wanrah ia ka jingthied ba kyrkhieh jong ki briew. Mynta ka jan [...]

The decision of the Govt to declare total lockdown for five days is unavoidable:KHNAM

Shillong, May 5: The present situation in the state due to high rise in the Carona case will push the citizen of the state to the extreme especially the daily wages earner. During this time we strongly recommend that the Government should instruct [...]

Meghalaya police organised awareness programme to enlighten the police officials on COVID-19

Shillong, May 5: An awareness programme to enlighten the police officials on the current COVID-19 scenario and importance of vaccination was held today at Police Headquarters, Shillong. The much needed awareness programme was imparted by Dr. [...]

The Election Commission unanimous that there should not be restriction on media reporting

New Delhi, May 05: The Election Commission of India has taken note of recent narrative relating to its position in relation to media. The Commission has also come across certain press reports in the same regard. The Commission always has appropriate [...]

The MLE covering applicability of Aaadhar section 142 of the SS Code – 2020 notified

New Delhi, May 05: Section 142 of the Social Security Code, 2020 has been notified by Ministry of Labour & Employment covering applicability of Aaadhar.  The notification of section will enable Ministry of Labour and Employment to collect [...]

Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills District has issued  on Mask-Wearing Protocols

Shillong, May 05: The Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills District has issued  on Mask-Wearing Protocols and in view of the highly infectious variant of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus, in which mask-wearing has been classified as an important strategy [...]

A maximum of 20 persons are allowed to visit while the body is kept at the residence

Shillong, May 05:  In partial modification, the Protocol/Guidelines for the disposal of dead bodies of COVID-19 suspects or confirmed case of COVID-19, issued vide Notification No. Health.114/2020/46 dated 28-4-2021 (following the guidelines [...]

Pynbna u Conrad  ban khang dam san sngi ha EKH District ban kiew ka COVID-19

Shillong, Jymmang 05: U Myntri Rangbah ka jylla u Cornad K Sangma mynta ka sngi u la pynbna ba ka sorkar kala shim ia ka rai ban khangdam noh san sngi lynter naduh ka por 8 baje mynmeit mynta ka sngi haduh ka 10 tarik mynta u bnai Jymmang ha [...]
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