How can the Chairman, who heads the Legislature, address the media with “CEM”:Paul

Shillong, Dec 03: How many times will you play with the lives of the people of Meghalaya to boost your career, the  allegation, through your camp follower, Latiplang, the self-designated CEM of the KHADC representing a minority of members of the House, poses more questions than it answers. For instance:

How can the Chairman, who heads the Legislature, address the media along with the “CEM” on matters pertaining to policy matters, which is the exclusive domain of the Executive? Or are you simply displaying the fact that you are not just the Chairman but also the de facto CEM of the Council?

No files from my table have gone missing. They were under my perusal and consideration when you staged a coup for reasons you know best. Are you aware that, for the first time ever, the Trade Dept introduced a system of file movement registration to ensure that no files go missing as happened in the recent past?

Are you aware of the fact that I have also initiated the complete computerization of the Trade Dept to ensure timely and speedy clearance of all matters in a transparent way? Did you guys think of such initiatives all these years that you were CEM, EM and what not? What is the fate of the computerization process now?

Why are you more concerned about files whose movement has been properly recorded instead of issues crying for immediate attention? What will happen now to the registration of hawkers and their eviction from unauthorized public spaces? The November 30 deadline we gave them is over. What happens next?

“I can go on and on, but I have better things to do in life. Before it’s too late, why don’t you guys get a life? Start reading. Listen to wholesome music. Develop great hobbies. Have real and lasting friendships. There’s more to life than breaking up alliances, chasing power and changing loyalties”.  This was posted by Bah Paul Lyngdoh in the Social Media Face Book.



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