Mr. John Anthony Lyngdoh resigns from the BJP accused that the party has sidelined

Shillong, Sept 06: Senior leader of the BJP from 17-Shillong North Constituency Mr. John Anthony Lyngdoh who has contested in 2018 MLA election who got 5116 vote today has sent letter to the state president Mr. Ernest Mawrie to resign from the party.

The reason that he has given for resignation from the party is that, for the last 4 and a half years he was sidelined, insulted and ostracized from the party , not once, not twice but time and again.

He said that he  have always strived to work for the betterment of the party and have always worked to upliftits core value ever since he  joined in 2016. As he have seen the potential that the party had in bringing about positive and progressive change to our state.

The tough and difficult task that was given to me by Shri Nalin Kohli Ji and Shri Ram Madhav to try and pull in prominent sitting MLAs to join the BJP before the election of 2018 was wholeheartedly done by me in all my ability and capability wherein 4 sitting MLAs namely, Mr Sanbor Shullai, Mr A. L Hek, Mr Robinius Syngkon and Mr Justin Dkhar joined.

However, the recent and also not so recent turn of events has compelled him to sent his  resignation.There are many reasons for this and I would like to elucidate and clearly, under the  leadership of the President of the party he have felt a sense of dismay and unfortunately a sense of betrayal as well.

This is evident from the very onset of you favoring a then fellow party member Mr. Rocky Hek as candidate from 17th North Shillong after my defeat. Time and again he have initiated a meeting and a talk with the president of the state party  but it was never materialised. After Mr. Rocky Hek resigned this year he have again tried to materialise a meeting , but to no avail.

What has saddened and shooked his loyalty to the party, is the very fact that a few members of the party and yourself projected Mr. Martamlin Pyrbot for candidature and were present in the formation of the 17th North Mandal Committee whereas it was quite ironic because the Mandal Committee formed by him.

Which was convened to be approved in 17th North Shillong was cancelled by the same people at the very last moment . He was informed by Shri. SanborShullai that he was told to deliberately and intentionally not turn up at his residence. This was a matter of great inconvenience and disappointment to him and his  supporters and Karyakartas.

“This is a new beginning for me but I cannot miss out on Thanking Bah Shibun Lyngdoh, the former BJP President for entrusting me with a goal and a vision. A vision of good governance, wherein I had taken up many issues with the Central leadership like standing up for the Christian community when the event of Good Governance and Digital Day was co-inciding with the auspicious day of Christmas for the Christians”. Said Mr. Lyngdoh.


It eventually led to the celebration of the event for a week rather than on the 25th alone and also the Beef Ban issue to name a few. It was because of the goodwill and teamwork with Bah Shibun that we as a party were able to grow.

Mr. John A Lyngdoh also extend my gratitude to Shri Nalin Kohli Ji, Shri Ram MadhavJi ,Shri Ram Lal Ji, Shri Ajay Jamwal Ji and Shri JagdambaJi for their mentorship , guidance and support during my association with the party. They have taught him the importance of the principle of accountability which has greately helped me in my decision making.

For all the reasons mentioned above, and especially for my self respect that has been hurt in due course of time , it is with an extremely leaden heart that he have decided to cut off my association with the Bharatiya Janata Party and hereby resign from all my positions in the party.

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