PM, Mr Modi mention this is ‘ Social media Generation’ in the 7th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat 

New Delhi, Dec 29:  The moment to bid adieu to 2019 is round the corner knocking at our doors! In a matter of just 3 days, not only will 2019 wave good bye to us; we shall usher our selves  into a new year and a new decade; the third decade of the 21st century! I extend my heartiest greetings to all countrymen on the arrival of year 2020. One thing is certain about the decade to come.

And that is, it will witness the active contribution of those who were born in the 21st century, in the country’s progress; these are people who are growing up, understanding the significant issues pertaining to this century. The young people such as these, are known by myriad terms.

For some they are millennials; others call them generation Z or Gen Zee too; and broadly speaking, one thing that has captured the collective psyche is that this is the ‘Social Media Generation’. All of us experience that this generation is extremely talented.

It thrives on the dream to do something new, something different. It has its own set of opinions. And the best part is; especially in the case of India; according to me, they appreciate the system. Not just that, they prefer to follow the system. And in the event of the system not responding properly, they get restless and even courageously question the system itself! I consider this attribute as a virtue.

One can even say with certitude here, that the country’s youth detests anarchy of any sort. They despise any element of lack of governance and instability; abhorring any shades of nepotism, casteism, favouritism or gender discrimination. There are times when we see them at an airport or a cinema theatre; if someone tries to break a queue, the first to react vociferously are these young people.

And we have noticed; if such an incident takes place, the youth present around make a video of it on their mobile phones, which goes viral within no time! And the culprit instantly realizes the consequence. Thus, our new generation is an embodiment, a reflection of a new system, a new order, a new age, a new thought.

Today, India eagerly awaits this generation expectantly. These are the very people who have to elevate the country to greater heights. Swami Vivekanand ji had observed, “My faith is in the younger generation, the modern generation; out of them will come my workers”. Referring to the youth, he had remarked, “The value of youth can neither be ascertained, nor described!” Youth is the most valuable phase, of one’s life.

Your life and future entirely depends on the way your utilized your youth. According to Vivekanand ji, young people are the one’s full of energy and dynamism, possessing the power to usher in change. I am of the firm belief that for India, this decade will be, not only about development & progress of the youth; it will also prove to be about the country’s progress, harnessing their collective might.

This generation will play a major role in modernizing India; I feel it beyond any doubt. On the birth anniversary of Vivekanand on the 12th of January, on the occasion of National Youth Day, every young person should give a thought to this responsibility, taking on resolve or the other for this decade.

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