Employees of GHADC under the NGEA are firm with their demand for payment of one year salary

Tura, May 31: The  employees of GHADC under the leadership of NGEA are strong are firm with their stand in demanding for payment of one year salary out of 34 months.

The NGEA  beg to state that Chief Minister Shri. Conrad K. Sangma, Shri. Bendict Marak and new executive Committee of GHADC have completely ignore and failed to respect the sentiment of the employee of GHADC by refusing to pay one year salary out of 34 months in new scale.

The employees  have been demanding to release at once payment of one year’s salary in new scale i.e as per the Meghalaya fifth pay commission which was duly approved by the previous EC lead by NPP in April 2018, but despite of our strong protest the new EC of GHADC is forcing the employee to accept the five months’ salary in old scale.

The employees are sock and disappointed when Chief Minister and CEM of GHADC is announcing through social media that 5 months’ salary will paid to employee of GHADC.

The NGEA also strongly condemn the MDA government and the Deputy Commissioner for imposing section 144 Cr.PC in the premises of GHADC on the pretext of breach of peace and spread of Corona virus. The intension of govt.in imposing 144 Cr.PC is to suppress our voice and right to demand for payment of Salaries.

If the govt. is so serious in preventing the spread of corona and die of corona why they are not serious for payment of salaries for more than 34 months. The Govt. while imposing 144 CrpC failed to understand that people will not die only due to infection of corona but people will also die due to starvation; if Conrad Govt.

The NGEA said that if the government is really serious in saving the life of every person he should be serious in paying the salary to the employee as atleast 27 to 30 employee of GHADC have die due to non-payment of salaries. The CM Conrad Sangma and Benedict is indirectly killing the employee by not willing to pay our due salary for 34 months.

The rule of law is very cleared that what is not permissible to do directly also is not permissible to do it indirectly. So we the employee under the banner of NGEA will not turn back and will go ahead with our demand for payment of salary.

The NGEAW are united and ready to die for our right. And we are continuing with our demand for release of our salary. And today they have gather to protest against our CEM, CM and new EC out of the Office of GHADC and will continue to protest in future until thier demand is fulfill, they have witness that despite of bad weather many employee and public have come to show their solidarity with NGEA and the Employee of GHADC.

During the gathering, the president of NGEA informed to gathering that they are firm with their stand, and will continue to fight for their right, The Secretary of NGEA stated that they will not adore Mister Benedict Marak and will never come for talk even if he invite them unless the demand for release of salary is fulfill.

One of the Mother from employee stated that govt of the day is scare and afraid of die on corona but never afraid that employee will die of starvation, if they don’t pay the salary to the employee for 34 months. One of the young lady Singer and you tuber stated that she had come out voluntarily to support the employee in their fight for justice and stated that people of Garo Hills should be grateful to the employee of GHADC as they have served in the GHADC for the people of Garo Hills without salary 34 months.

The NGEA request the public to come forward and support the employee in their fight for justice because GHADC is the property of Tribal and so they need to protect and preserve the GHADC for the interest of Garo Community. Said Mr. Flaming B. Marak Joint Secretary NGEA.

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