The HYC asked Govt of Meghalaya to issued advisories and SOPs to fight the Black Fungus

Shillong, May 21: The first Reported case of Mucormycosis also known as Black Fungus in the Neighboring state of Assam which resulted in the Death of one person said to be a recovered Covid-19 patient on Wednesday of this month has led to the State Government of Assam to issue SOPs for Screening, Management and diagnosis of Black Fungus Cases in Covid Patients in the State with immediate effect on Friday the 21st May, 2021.

The Order issued provides details about symptoms, management of Covid patients with Black Fungus infection, advisory for General public and treatment procedures.

As per Reports by the Hindustan Times about 7000 cases of the disease has been reported in the Country so far with the number of deaths being reported to be atleast more than 200 persons so far.

The Central Government has already issued an Order to the States to declare it as a Notified disease. With the sharp rise of the disease in the last couple of weeks, some states like Telangana, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Haryana have already taken a decision to declare Black Fungus as a Notified disease.

Seeing the sharp rise on the number of cases across the Country and reported cases in Neighboring Assam as well as in the State of Tripura, it is urged upon the State Government of Meghalaya to take precautionary measures by issuing necessary advisories and SOPs to fight the Black Fungus disease in our State also.

In addition to the fight that we are in with the Second Wave of Covid 19 affecting our State and the number of Covid-19 positive Patients are on the rise, we cannot ignore the fact that Black Fungus infection is a reality and may also hit us if we are not prepared to fight it.

Therefore it is better to be safe than sorry and prepare for the worse than being helpless and wait for the Disease to hit the population of the State especially the Covi 19 patients.

The HYC urge the State Government and the Health Department to ramped up the Health infrastructures and manpower and keep buffer stocks of necessary medicine supplies to fight the Disease if and when it starts infecting the people of the State, said Mr. Roy Kupar Synrem General Secretary, HYC, CEC in the press statement today.


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