In the past few months Bangladeshi nationals are infiltrating into Meghalaya: HYC

Shillong, July 05: With Assam becoming a hot bed for ‘jihadi activities’ as is evident from the fact that several persons belonging to the Islamic Jihadi organization were arrested in the State in the past few months and the fact that we as a State of Meghalaya we share about 800 plus KMs Border with Assam and about 443 Km border with Bangladesh, it is a cause of concern for the security of the State as a whole.

The HYC said that there are several reports in the past few months have come to light on how Bangladeshi nationals are infiltrating into Meghalaya using these porous Borders. And God knows how many have already entered the State without detection and are using the State as safe havens for their nefarious activities.

The Chief Minister of the State has stated that Meghalaya Government is keeping a close watch on the situations in Assam and had already directed the agencies concern to keep watch and ensure all the network of intelligence is maintained.

The HYC is skeptical and they are unsure whether the State Government can keep a check on the movement of people especially coming from Assam when we don’t have any law which restrict or regulate movement of people into the State.

In the absence of the laws like the ILP and the Meghalaya Residents Safety & Security (Amendment) Bill, 2020, which we have been demanding all these years, we dread to think that locations in Meghalaya may also be used by these Jihadis Groups as their safe houses and carry on their activities putting the lives of the Citizens of the State at great risks.

The Objectives of implementation of ILP System and the Meghalaya Residents Safety & Security (Amendment) Bill, 2020 is to ensure enhance security, vetting of tenants and ensure the safety and security of citizens of the State by preventing anti-social elements from gaining shelter in the State which might be detrimental to peace and tranquility and to maintain public order and peace.

The HYC mention that it would be much more safer and protected from any attempt by these Jihadis to enter our State, had laws like ILP and MRSSA Bill, 2020 are enforced or implemented.

Although the Resolution for implementation of ILP System in the State was passed since 19th December, 2019 and the MRSSA Bill, 2020 was adopted by the Assembly on 19th March, 2020, yet it seems as per statement of our Chief Minister, these two important legislations are being examined indefinitely by the Home Ministry.

The State Government is only making noises about how serious they are working for the protection of the Citizens of the State and the Hynniewtrep community, in particular but actions show otherwise.

The Demand for taking an All Party delegations or taking all 60 MLAs of the State to New Delhi, is also being examined indefinitely by Chief Minister and the State Government. As is evident all important issues of the State are under examination and with no result anytime soon.

That is the saddest part in the State of Meghalaya under the present regime. But allotment of Contracts, doesn’t matter how big is the amount, maybe allotted in a matter of days by working in a superfast mode.

The HYC express their concern if  the State Government that if on account of the failure of the State Government to impressed the Union Home Ministry to implement the ILP System in the State if any untoward incident occurs in the State and God forbid.

The HYC fear that  if any jihadi groups carry out any action causing the loss of lives of the citizens of the State, then the NPP led MDA Government and the BJP alongwith all the MLAs in the Coalition will have to take the responsibility.

It is because of the non-seriousness on their part that the State and the people are being deprived of the laws meant for the protection of the State, said Mr. Roy Kupar Synrem general secretary of the HYC central boady.



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