The MLA from Shillong North write to Mr. Conrad to opposed sell-out of performing asset of MeECL

Shillong, June 3: The MLA from North Shillong  Mr. Adelbert Nongrum today has written to the Chief Minister  Mr. Conrad Sangma express his strong opposition to the sell-out of the performing asset of MeECL, intent to lease out 56 Sub Stations, Sell-out of Shillong and Jowai Distribution Circle, Leasing of Leshka and New Umtru Power Stations among others to private firms.

The MLA from North Shillong on behalf of the thousands of families that are due to be affected by this decision would like to convey my strongest opposition towards this burning issue and assure that He will be leading from the front in opposing this deal with tooth and nail and to take this matter to a logical end, come what may.

In the letter Mr. Nongrum said that he has done things before which he do not wish to repeat, but if situation demands he will not be scared or shy away from doing whatever it takes to save the future generation of the beloved state.

In the letter Mr. Nongrum asked the Chief Minister what is the top priority of the MDA Government at this point of time? Is it to try to save the life of its citizens, vaccinate its people, protect the front line workers or crack deals and sell-off Meghalaya and its assets to the highest bidders, as if our state is their personal property? This is nothing but corruption in the highest form, he alleged.

Mr. Nongrum asked why is this Government so interested and busy in selling out all the assets of our state especially performing assets and profit-making centres of MeECL to private firms from outside the state, Is this being done for the benefit of our state or for the benefit of someone else and under whose directions are these events taking place.

If Shillong and Jowai Distribution centres are intended to be sold out then why has been, Tura Distribution centre left out, Is the Govt trying to divide the people of Meghalaya in communal lines, It has also been learnt that many khasi employees were harassed in different ways. Only the one who wear the shoes knows where it pinches.

If employees of MeECL who have served for 30-35 years or more wakes up to their utter trauma that they would not get the benefit of pension anymore, will it not be fair then to also scrap the pension of all MLA’s who in certain cases serve only 5 years maximum.

It is extremely unfortunate that an employee of MeECL who had retired around 2 months back recently lost his life once this news was broken to him. He may have died due to shock as he was anticipating to get his pension to take care of his retired and medical needs.

If the reins of our State goes to private hands in this manner where will our youth skilled and unskilled alike go looking for employment. These private firms will employ their people from outside and render our youth jobless or they would end up doing jobs for meagre sums only.

As ready reference in this context it can see the same happening at the Toll Gates existing in our state today. If this is a good plan then we should contemplate to privatise the Secretariat and the Assembly as well very soon. I am sure there will be some company from Uttar Pradesh or elsewhere who will be interested.

It seems obvious that this decision has been taken by the Chief Minister, Power Minister and the CMD MeECL alone while other cabinet ministers were kept out of it. In such a situation it can only be deemed fit that if MLAs and parties supporting the MDA government are neither party to such a decision nor can they oppose it, then the best and befitting way out to save our state from this outrageous and insensitive decision would be to demand for President’s rule with immediate effect.

To the other MLAs please note that “Silence  Implies Consent ”. Even though he is  part of the MDA Govt he cannot keep quite or else he will be categorised in the same category. Sometimes, he is being forced to question that do these people in power really want to take Meghalaya forward or are they only interested in being relevant in the political arena of Indian politics at the cost of our beloved state for their own vested interest.

Mr. Nongrum  said that time has come for the true patriots of Meghalaya be it representatives or citizens alike to unite and jointly fight to protect Meghalaya from anybody who may cause harm in particular but to our future generations at large. He said enough is enough, time has come for all the  MLAs to rise to the occasion to safeguard the larger interest of our beloved Meghalaya, said Mr  Adelbert Nongrumin the letter sent to Chief Minister today.

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