The NGEA of GHADC refused to accept the offer of 5 month sallary by the EC led by Mr. Benedic

Shillong, May 18: The non-gazette Employees of GHADC under the umbrella of Executive Member of NGEA have unanimously decided not to except the request made by the MP Smti. Agatha Sangma to accept the five months’ salary out of 34 months offer by new executive Committee of GHADC.

The NGEA is responding to the letter dated.17 th May 2021 addressing to the president of NGEA requesting the aggrieved employees to accept five months salary offer in old scale by the new Executive Committee of GHADC let by Chief Executive Benedic R. Marak, and call off the agitation and to resume to their respective dutyduty.

For the smooth functioning of GHADC, and further stated that due to abstaining of Employee from their work the functioning of GHADC had been affecting very badly and it also causing lot of inconvenience to public at large. In response to the letter, the employees under the banner of NGEA would like to thank our MP Tura for sending the letter and showing solidarity with us.

However, we are very sorry to informed to our Hon’ble MP that we cannot accept her request to receive the five months’ Salary offer made by new Executive Committee.

The undersign beg to informed to the MP, new Executive Member and to the public at large, that employees are asking for entire salary of 34 months.

The NGEA beg to state the reason for not accepting the five months’ salary in old scale is that each employee is having the due loan of minimum about 6 to 7 lakhs in the bank, besides that each employees have children going to schools, colleges and require to pay the School fees, Admission fees, hostel fees, etc.

Moreover every employees have to clear their credits in many shops, and most of the employees have taken loan from private individuals for interest and therefore, if we accept the five months’ salary it will not even sufficient for deduction of our due loan as the bank will automatically deduct our due loan from salary and nothing extra amount will be left out.

The NGEA like to request that instead of agreeing to her request to accept the five month salary we like to humbly request our Hon’ble MP to take the following matters personally if she is genuinely concerned for the aggrieved employee who are suffering for more than three years and for overall improvement of GHADC and the mande A’chik in general.

The NGEA request the MP to take up the matter with central govt. for financial assistance and to get financial package from central govt. to clear all the pending salaries of total 34 months and pending arrears.

To intervene into the entire irregularities, mismanagement with regard to the collection of revenue, royalty Share, and implementation of central Scheme since from 2015 to 2020 by taking up the matter with the central govt. for CBI enquiry.

To invite all the aggrieved employees particularly the family who lost their love ones due to non-payment of salary, the family member of the deceased who expired due to non-payment of salary as they were not able afford for treatment so that She will know the real and genuine suffering of the employees.

To take up the matter with the state govt. particularly with minister of District council affair to bail out the financial requirement to release the long pending salary of 34 months for employees who are hungry and starving for more than three years.

The employees also like to express that they are shock and surprised with sudden show of concerned of Hon’ble MP to the employee of GHADC, as the  MP had been remain silence since from 2015 about the non-payment of salary to the employees.

However the NGEA thank her for sending the letter of concerned and solidarity, although she had been silent for many years as the employees had been suffering without salary for many years. But we beg to inform her that we are sorry and will not be accepting her request to take five months salary offer by new EC.

The NGEA mention that that in her letter MP also categorically stated that due to abstaining of employee from their work the smooth function of GHADC is badly affected and causing inconvenience to the public at large.

It is true that functioning of GHADC is affecting and public are also suffering, But nobody bother about the long suffering of the employees, every day we are suffering, every day we worried about feeding of ourselves and our children. The pubic inconvenience like unable renew their land patta, trade license etc is still tolerable but spending day without food is intolerable. Said Mr. Flaming B. Marak,Joint Secretary NGEA.

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