The SP of WJH District has made traffic arrangement for  Behdeinkhlam Festival 2019

Jowai, July 08: The Superintendent of Police, West Jaintia Hills District has made made the following traffic arrangement for the smooth flow of traffic during the Behdeinkhlam Festival 2019 to be celebrated in West Jaintia Hills District, Jowai w.e.f 11.07.2019 to 14.07.2019.

There will be No Parking at Loomsooiung, New Hill, Stand Shillong where the Symbood Khnong will be kept.Trucks coming from Shillong side and East Jaintia Hills will not be allowed to enter Jowai from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm on all days. No Entry towards Iawmusiang from 4:00 Pm onwards on 11.07.2019.

No Entry towards Iawmusiang from 12:00 Pm onwards on 12.07.2019. No vehicles will be allowed to enter Iawmusiang from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm on 13.07.2019.

No vehicles will be allowed to park at Stand Ummulong and Stand Nongbah. Light vehicles coming from Shillong will be allowed to park on the Shillong-Jowai road starting from Challam Syngkon Petrol Pump. Light vehicles coming from Khliehriat-Shangpung will be allowed to park at Ladthalaboh Stadium, Jowai. Light vehicles coming from Dawki side will be allowed to park along Jowai-Dawki road. No vehicles will be allowed to park along the road from DC point up to District Library.

On 13.07.2019, no vehicle will be allowed to park at stand war. Entry of vehicles from Iawmusiang to Iongpiah, Mission Compund, Panaliar, Dulong, Tpeppale and Mynthong side will be closed from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm.

On 14.07.2019 there will be No Entry at Dulong Junction, Mission Compound, Lumkyrwiang, towards Iongpiah and from Khimusniang Junction towards Umshyngiar from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 Pm. On 14.07.2019, VIP vehicles and vehicles with car pass may be allowed to enter Chilliang Raij via Mission Compound, Lumkyrwiang. Vehicles with car pass can enter up to Umshyngiar playground and the vehicles without car pass will be parked along Lower Chutwakhu Road.

On 14.07.2019 during Datlawakor, no vehicles will be allowed to enter Mynthong from DC Point/Chutwakhu-Jrisalein and Jowai Amlarem road from 3:00 Pm till Datlawakor is completed.


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