The WPM and TUR condemns the adamant attitude the govt to resolved the EMRI impasse

Shillong, Nov 07: The two organizations Workers Power of Meghalaya(WPM)  and Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR) condemns the adamant attitude and failure of the Meghalaya Government . particularly the health minister in addressing the grievances of the EMRI union whose 180 plus members have been on an indefinite hunger strike for the last 10 days.

It is indeed worrying that the government has abdicated all responsibility in trying to meet the legitimate demands of workers who have been crucial in providing the much needed emergency services in the state. TUR and workers power would like to remind the Government  that GVK is but just a private entity and that the government  has every right and indeed it is its bounded duty to protect the workers.

The two organizations alleged that the GVK is indulging in many illegalities and is in breach by not adhering to labour norms starting with not paying workers the mandated minimum wages, overtime wages, etc.

The two organization said that  the EMRI union has for the last one year been using democratic means to make their grievances heard which includes demands to improve the services by revamping the ambulances and increasing staff strength for the benefit of the public at large.

The union had participated in a conciliation meeting initiated by the labour department and two high level committee meetings chaired by the addl. Chief secretary and respective secretary health. The government  cannot allow GVK to disrespect these processes.

It is the government duty to bind participating parties to tripartite negotiations and agreements and cannot allow GVK to simply disrespect and walk away from commitments made. Further it is the duty of the government  to implement the minimum wages act, regulate working hours etc and it should just pass an order instructing GVK to adhere by the laws.

The labour dept must also be held responsible for allowing private parties such as GVK to operate in the state by flaunting labour laws. TUR and Workers Power of Meghalaya urges the goverment to proactively intervene to break the impasse and to hold GVK accountable and ensure that the workers demands are met.

Given the press release by GVK that they will recruit new people, WPM and TUR cautions persons who may be lured by GVK for jobs as they are most likely to be exploited in a similar manner as the present workers who have been forced by GVK mismanagement to be on a hunger strike for the past 10 days now.

By not exercising it’s legal right to protect workers rights and allowing itself to be held to ransom by a private entity, the govt is putting all the citizens at risk, and TUR and WPM takes exception to this and will mobilize workers to stand in solidarity with the EMRI union.

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