NEHU signs another major MoU with Sudexo that will employs  400000 people in 55 countries

Shillong, April 19: In a landmark step, North Eastern Hill University today saigned an MoU with the SODEXO in presence of the Deans of the various schools of NEHU and the team from Sudexo.

Sodexo is a French food services and facilities management company headquartered in the Paris suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux which employs more than 400000 people in over 55 countries and caters to have clients from all the sectors.

The opportunities like private corporations, government agencies, schools from pre-school through university, hospitals and clinics, assisted-living facilities, military bases, and etc. Ms. Annick De Vanssay, Chief Human Resource Officer and Mr. Sandeep Kumar, HR Operations Head, India represented Sudexo.

In his speech during the exchange of MoU, Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla, the Vice-Chancellor of NEHU stated that “On behalf of NEHU I assure you that you will get maximum i.e. 100% support from our end and we also offer SODEXO India to open their branch in the North-Eastern region of India i.e. specifically at the North-Eastern Hill University Campus as one of the regional head Quarter of India.”

He also assured the team of Sudexo that majority of manpower requirement of Sudexo can be fulfilled from NEHU, our students have great potential that can match with the SODEXO expectations.”

While speaking about the students of NEHU, the Vice-Chancellor said that the university has students from all the domains in which SODEXO works and add to that the medium of instruction in the university as well as in the colleges is English which makes us unique from the other regions of the country.

The student of this region are very hard working and committed. Engagement of such young energetic young brains with SODEXO will surely help you to match and pace up the services and facilities with the maximum efficiency to your global clients.

Ms. Vanssay, the Chief Human Resource Officer of Sudexo thanked the Vice-Chancellor and his team in pursuing the company for an MoU and thanked him saying that the company looks forward to visit the University with the recruitment team to hire as many students as possible.

She said that it is an honour to exchange MoU with the prestigious University like NEHU which will certainly benefit the company. Mr. Sandeep Kumar exhorted on the point that the MoU is actually a blessing for the company and that Sudexo is thankful to NEHU for the same.


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